Stand-up comedian Dick Satori's conversation with artist Zhang Hongtu
This performance consists of a two live conversations between a hired stand-up comedian and artists Rainer Ganahl and Zhang Hongtu. Before the performance, artist Tuo Wang used a week to "train and educate" the stand-up comedian with false contemporary art knowledge and language as well as misleading comprehension on artists practice. The comedian then was required to prepare questions and jokes based on what he got educated to later showcase an awkwardly offensive and politically incorrect interviews with artists. By posing irritatingly candid, uncomfortable yet deeply relevant questions for established male professionals in the art world, BTD functions as an artist-interview jamming that questions the kind of discourse performed and fabricated through the format of artist interviews/panels, undermining its suave rhetoric and opaqueness to “get to the bottom of things”.

Stand-up comedian Dick Satori's conversation with artist Rainer Ganahl